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Urbanisation in the world
Urbanization process is a domain of developing countries. One of the results of the extremely high densities of fast-growing populations is "wild development", leading to such negative social and ecological effects as: [...]
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Water cycle in urban areas
Combined effects of urbanization, industrialization, and population growth greatly modify landscapes and thus the continuous circulation of water within catchments and the Earth's hydrosphere - the hydrological cycle [...]
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Urban Aquatic Habitats
Aquatic habitats are water bodies supporting aquatic life. Increased temperatures of effluents, greater discharges of water, pollutants and waste, and changes in water bodies morphology impact all the basic habitats characteristics. [...]
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Urban Aquatic Habitats Management
A balanced approach addressing the pressing issues in urban environment is not common in the water service sector [...] + more
Ecohydrology for Urban Aquatic Habitats
From the point of view of environmental science, urban environment can be considered as a highly condensed anthropogenic system, which is organised for efficient flow of water, matter, energy and information [...]
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Case Studies

Case Study City / Country Case Study Leader
Moddergat River rehabilitation
and Flood Management Project
Cape Town / South Africa Elizabeth DAY
Rehabilitation of Wasit Nature Reserve Sharjah / United Arab Emirates Elizabeth DAY
Ecohydrological dimension of small urban rivers management for stormwater and pollution loads mitigation Lodz, Poland Iwona WAGNER, Maciej ZALEWSKI
Integrating ecological and hydrological issues into urban planning in the Adige River Fluvial Corridor Italy Maria Giovanna BRAIONI
Assessing Stream Bio-Assimilation Capacity to Cope with Combined Sewer Overflows Lyon / France Pascal BREIL, Michel LAFONT
Optimisation of the River Hydrological Regime to Maintain Floodplain Wetland Biodiversity, Lobau Biosphere Reserve Vienna / Austria Georg Albert JANAUER
Integrated Management of Aquatic Habitats: Urban Biosphere Reserve (UBR) Approach for the Omerli Watershed Istanbul / Turkey Azime TEZER
Description of the Ecology and Water Management in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area Phonix / USA Elisabeth K. LARSON